Monthly beach clean ups

Surface 71 partners with Friends of Palm Beach for monthly beach clean ups.


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Raising awareness in our community

One of Surface 71's main goals is to raise awareness about plastic pollution in our community.

Our mission statement

Read our mission statement and find out what Surface 71 is all about.

Meet the team!

Marina Barto


Marina Barto, a current 7th grader at Conniston Middle has recently became apart of Surface 71. She is a key member of our team. She has a lot of passion for the ocean and wants to preserve it. She also plays soccer and volleyball on her free time! Marina is extremely hard working and is the future of Surface 71.

Emily Briceno


Emily Briceno is currently a junior at Suncoast High School. She has been working with Surface 71 since she was in 7th grade. She has a huge interest in Environmental issues and anything that has to do with serving the community. She is very creative, and plays a major role on the Surface 71 team, we don't know what we would do without her! 

Jemma Currie


Jemma Currie is a junior at Forest Hill High School. She started working on Surface 71 when she was in 7th grade.. She loves the Ocean and marine mammals. On her free time she enjoys playing volleyball and doing anything water related. She brings great ideas to the team and loves working with Surface 71.

About Us


What is Surface 71?

Surface 71 is a 501C3 non-profit organization ran solely by students. We started out in middle school then went through Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank and were awarded $12,000. Through PBPT we were able to kick start our project. We hold beach clean ups every month and have installed water refill stations into four local schools. Our mission is to raise awareness about plastic pollution and keep out city and oceans cleaner and more beautiful.

Our Partners